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The Folk Nation was formed on November 11, 1978, within the confines of the Stateville Correctional Center. [2] Larry Hoover, the chairman of the Gangster Disciple Nation, created the idea for the alliance and persuaded many leaders of large black, white, and Latino gangs from Chicago to join. Folk Nation was created to protect and counter from ...A five-point star is a common tattoo image that has various meanings. As tattoos are so highly subjective, the meaning of the star varies depending upon the individual. The symboli...Re: Crip graffiti (6/3 Point Crown) by CashvilleL0C » Fri Aug 20, 2004 1:47 am. I have never seen a six point crown... Its strictly six point star and 3 point crown for all I know. Most Crip sets on the East side of Chicago bang the 3 point crown. And sets with strong ties to Folk Nation like Hoovers and most Gangsta Crips use the 6 point star.

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Aug 6, 2023 · This motion indicates affiliation with this powerful street organization and represents unity amongst fellow gang members. c) Six Point Star Formation: To emphasize their connection to the Blood set, members often form a six-point star using their fingers (thumb and pinky extended with other three fingers clasped). This formation proudly ...A five-pointed star. A five-pointed star (☆), geometrically an equilateral concave decagon, is a common ideogram in modern culture. Comparatively rare in classical heraldry, it was notably introduced for the flag of the United States in the Flag Act of 1777 and since has become widely used in flags.. It has also become a symbol of fame or "stardom" in Western culture, among other uses.A Six-Sided Star Is Born. By Eric J. Greenberg August 27, 1999 12:00 am. Advertisement. The six-pointed star — the so-called Star of David — has been many things to many people over past ...Sep 6, 2022 ... ... gang. There's a lot to be said about the gang ... Comments610. Matt Jamison. The Bloods originated in LA. Ain't no 5-point-star-bangin in LA other ...

Mar 18, 2010 ... SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE!!!http://www.youtube.com/user/instrumentalworld1?feature=mhee.This section is followed by instructions on how to identify a gang member by attitude, demeanor, clothing, symbols, colors, grooming, and gang customs. A separate section provides details on gang symbols. Depictions of gang symbols are provided for the following gangs: Bloods, Crips, People Nation, Folk Nation, Latino gangs, prison gangs, Asian ...Black Gangster Disciples:Blue, black, red 6-pointed star, crossed pitchforks, heart with wings, Denver Broncos Gangster Disciples:Black, blue, white, ...Six Point Star. 298 likes. Musician/band

Sep 1, 2023 · Let’s dive into some specific examples. 1. People Nation: This alliance of various Chicago-based street gangs uses a five-pointed star as one of its iconic symbols. The hand gesture formed by extending all fingers outwards with the thumb covering them represents loyalty to the nation. 2.Join Sue as she talks you through the basics of English Paper Piecing and her glue pen method. The Sue Daley Glue Pen method cuts your EPP prep time by 75%, ... ….

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Sep 24, 2023 · ## Growth of the Six-pointed Star: Evolution and Symbolism The other significant symbol strongly associated with Gangster Disciples is the six-poi_Pointe_starry _*Shape “ ︎” “*whilst commonly recognized as Judaism’s star-tier D___avY____id_, it carries unique significance within this clandestine gang━━ .Each point of the star signifies love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice – core values within this organization. 3.The Fist Gesture: Similar to a regular fist bump but more exaggerated; it demonstrates solidarity within an individual’s set or …

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.The GD gang sign refers to the hand gesture commonly associated with Gangster Disciples, a notorious Chicago street gang. The symbol forms an intertwined pitchfork and six-pointed star, representing their alliance between Vice Lords and Black Disciples factions.7-pointed Star: Meaning And Origins of The Heptagram/Elven Star. In our article series about the star symbol and its variations, we have previously examined the pentacle/five-pointed star and the octagram/8-pointed star in detail. Today, we will be looking into the 7-pointed star also known as the elven star, heptagram and septagram.

gina wilson all things algebra worksheets Gang culture has undeniably played a prominent role in various communities, captivating both curiosity and concern from people around the world. ... 2.Predominant Six-Point Star Gesture – Formed by interlocking the thumb tip to forefinger knuckle while keeping other three fingers extended outward symbolizes loyalty among GD brethren … 15th annual h town blues festivalnegative media coverage for short crossword clue The major symbol Gangster Disciples make use of is the six-pointed star (similar to the Star of David) The fact that this star is known as the Star of David pays homage to co-founder David Barksdale, and the six points are said to represent Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. They are also represented by the colors Blue ...The 11 point star is a hendecagram. Lady Liberty stands on the 11 point star representing the unity of Male/6 point star and Female/5 point star totaling to 11 which is a gateway to the other side ... cecy del carmen date of birth Black Gangster Disciples:Blue, black, red 6-pointed star, crossed pitchforks, heart with wings, Denver Broncos Gangster Disciples:Black, blue, white, ... haverhill craigslisttop sororities at ut austinwalz group temecula ca 6-6-2 - MOB; Numbers represent letters on telephone keypad 6-6-6 - Symbol for Aryan Brotherhood, Folks and Crips; also satanic cults 6 Point Star (of David) - Symbolic to gangs within the Folk Nation 6 Poppin, 5 Droppin - Folk Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the People Nation; Folk Nation (6) members shooting at People Nation (5) members best duos in nba history Star Patterns - Geometric Splendor. The star motif is one of the most common geometric patterns in Islamic ornamentation. It appears in countless variations, from five to sixteen points, in a variety of materials, scales and applications. Stars are engraved in stonework, decorative ironwork, ceramics, stained glass tracery windows, as well as in marble floors and wooden screens. Particular ... woods brothers real estate lincolnwho is the lady in the lenscrafters commercialwonka showtimes near premiere cinemas los banos The six-pointed star stands for the gang's quasi-religious values: life, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and love. The pitchfork represents the gang's power to overcome oppression. Source: U.S. military and other law enforcement agencies. Al Valdes, "A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs"Among the Crips’ identified symbols are the Crips name, the 6-pointed Star of David, and the number 6, which show allegiance to the Folk Nation. The six points of the star stand for life, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and love. They also use the letter C, for Crips. Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN)